old pagan is playing on the apocalyptical coalescene III june 2nd 2012 in mannheim.

Apocalyptical Coalescene III

Back to Mannheim!
Apocalyptical Coalescene III

Old Pagan
Black Metal

Sale Freux (France)
First German Show

Nebrus (Italy)
First German Show
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Khoas Aeon
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Sacrilegious Rite
Black / Death Metal
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Slavonic Heathen Black Metal
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Saturday - 2nd of June 2012
Einlass: 18:00
Beginn: 19:00
Selbstkostenbeitrag 20 Euro inklusive Getränke-Flatrate; 25 für Alkoholflatrate
Ab 18 Jahren - Private Veranstaltung - Tickets reservieren unter:
ac-concerts@gmx.de www.ac-concerts.blogspot.com
Location: Apocalyptical Coalescene
Rhenaniastraße 167 - 68219 Mannheim
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we made some changes to the site after a long period of apocalyptic silence. but we where not lazy anyway. you can hear some tracks from the latest releases: battlecruiser old pagan and this is saarland blackmetal - so check out the media section. we are looking forward to check out labels to unleash our stuff to the whole world. and by the way also the link and biography area is updated now. nearby in the future i will introduce you to the band members of old pagan.
Our tecknotschtiklan t-shirt is still available, take a look here.
Some MP3 files where added into the Media Section.
Take a look yourself and prepare your ears for final devastation.
The new site design is done and uploaded. Enjoy.
note: the bullets in the middle of the wings is the navigation.
Our latest recordings are unleashed, it's called "sign of the dragon skull" and inlcudes 7 tracks in a real raw, dirty and fast black metal style. we're searching for labels that are interested in releasing this stuff. are you ? contact us.
Site re-designed and uploaded.
Site uploaded for the first time.